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New And Old Investors Bet $17.8 Million On Oregon State University Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. (FOLD) Reels In $25 Million

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Surgery is an important part of breast cancer management. In addition to removal of the primary tumor, surgery is required for tissue biopsy and accurate cancer staging, which is critical for subsequent treatment decisions. Unfortunately, the current standard for evaluating these samples cannot be done in real time and, therefore, often requires a second operation which exposes the patient to additional surgical risk and cost. A means of determining the cancer status of tissue in real time would represent a significant step forward in the management of early breast cancer.

to enter clinical studies in 2014.

AVB 620, a fluorescent peptide, delivers a real time intraoperative cancer diagnosis in the form of a luminous map, providing surgeons with enough information to make a decision during the first surgery as opposed to waiting for the results of limited pathology reports. In preclinical testing, the in vivo accuracy of AVB 620 is >95%.

Eli Lilly and Company (LLY) Faces Financial Difficulty Over Loss Of Cymbalta Patent GW Pharmaceuticals Secures $87.9 Million To Fund Epidiolex Development

Harvard University Among Six Centers Sharing $540 Million For Cancer Study Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. (HALO) Secures An Additional $20 Million

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When used in conjunction with a fluorescence imaging camera system during surgery, a color coded image showing cancerous tissue is superimposed onto the normal surgical view, providing the surgeon a map of the cancer location.

Startup, Alexar Therapeutics, Launches With $21.5 Million In The Bank Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Hauls In $34.4 Million Series B Financing

About Avelas Biosciences

during the surgical procedure, addressing a key unmet need in the oncologic surgery space," said Carmine Stengone, CEO of Avelas. The fluorescent peptide illuminates in the presence of pathological protease activity, thereby marking the cancerous tissue. Fred Perry Mens Shirts

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Blueprint Medicines Reels In $25 Million For Cancer Drug Push Agilis Biotherapeutics Locks In $8 Million To Develop DNA based Therapeutics For Rare Diseases

"ACI technology offers an objective and quantitative approach to oncologic surgical imaging that cannot be achieved using conventional techniques, which lack sensitivity and are prone to artifacts," said Dr. Lichter. "This new financing round will propel AVB 620 development one step closer to accurately visualizing cancer in real time for patients."

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Polo Shirts Wholesale Embroidery

Polo Shirts Wholesale Embroidery

Polo Shirts Wholesale Embroidery

Avelas Biosciences Closes $6.85 Million in Series B Financing to Advance Real Time Cancer Visualization Technology to Clinical Proof of Concept

"AVB 620 Polo Shirts Wholesale Embroidery will enable surgeons to identify cancerous tissue Lacoste Glasses

Polo Shirts Wholesale Embroidery

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Avelas Biosciences announced today the closing of a $6.85 million tranche of a Series B financing round bringing the total funds raised since inception to $14 million. The funds will be used to support ongoing development of the Avelas Cancer Illuminator (ACI) candidate, AVB 620, through first in patient study. The financing was led by founding investor, Avalon Ventures, joined by new investors Torrey Pines Investment, WuXi AppTec, and an additional unnamed investor. Kevin Kinsella and Timothy Scott will remain on the Avelas board of directors.

Polo Shirts Wholesale Embroidery

Polo Shirts Wholesale Embroidery

Polo Shirts Wholesale Embroidery

Avelas Biosciences Lands 6 85 Million Series B Financing To Advance Real Time Cancer Visualization Technology To Clinical Proof Of Concept

Avelas Biosciences is a San Diego based biotechnology company focused on developing fluorescent technologies that advance a new standard of care for cancer surgery. Its lead candidate, AVB 620, is expected Polo Shirts Sale Australia

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