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Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

As for Ayotte, we can't help but be impressed by what she already has accomplished since graduating from Villanova University with a law degree just seven years ago.

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

But of the two major contenders, based on what we know today, we believe Ayotte is the candidate with the most potential to rise to that level of accomplishment. As such, she earns our endorsement.

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

he's tried to position himself as a Rudman deficit hawk, which even if true is an impossible sell in today's polarized political climate.

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

And while she has come under criticism from us as well for her office's mishandling of the Financial Resources Mortgage scandal, we don't believe that alone is enough to disqualify her from consideration.

Like most Democrats across the country, he seems more interested in running away from his record than in trying to convince voters why his backing of health care reform, the economic stimulus and the auto industry bailout were good for the country. Instead, Fred Perry T Shirt

Senate race.

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

Ayotte our choice for US Senate seat

When we endorsed him two years ago, we singled out the then freshman lawmaker for the passage of Michelle's Law, a bill he sponsored that stopped health insurance companies from canceling coverage on college students who had to temporarily leave school because of illness.

Between the two of them, Warren Rudman (1981 1992) and Judd Gregg (1993 2010) have held this seat for 30 years, not only serving New Hampshire with distinction but establishing themselves as major players on the national stage.

We understand that's a lot of pressure to place on either candidate. And it's certainly possible that whoever wins Tuesday will not go on to distinguish themselves as a national figure in the so called "world's greatest deliberative body."

Gregg has built a reputation as a national leader on fiscal policy. Recently, he was a key negotiator in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 the law that led to the creation of the Troubled Asset Relief Program and was named by President Barack Obama earlier this year to serve on a bipartisan national commission charged with developing recommendations to balance the budget. And, like Rudman, he was considered for a Cabinet post, turning down Obama's offer to serve as Polo Shirts Sale South Africa commerce secretary.

Still, we were not as impressed with the Concord Democrat during his visit with our editorial board earlier this month, nor have we been enamored by the substance or tone of his political campaign.

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

Nashua, in 2008.

Make no mistake, this was not an easy decision. We supported Hodes in each of his most recent campaigns when he ousted incumbent Charlie Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

Bass in 2006 and later defeated Jennifer Horn, of Mens Lacoste Polo Shirts Uk

Rudman, who like Ayotte served as attorney general, distinguished himself during his 12 years in office as a centrist.

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

It took her only two years to rise from prosecutor to senior assistant attorney general/chief of the homicide unit. Four years later, she was named attorney general, a position she held until stepping down last year to run for Senate.

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

Polo Shirts Sale South Africa

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