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Until then, Law Warehouses will try to retool its brand to adjust to new circumstances. "We're still alive, and we're still in a process of working to sell ourselves and rebrand as Law Logistics," Law said.

"I'm only 50, and I still plan to be doing this, like my grandpa, 40 years from now," said Law, who represents the fifth generation of family ownership. "And I'm working hard to see if there is a sixth generation of Laws that's ready to take over."

"Other than renting a building or a truck, we can do that on a per pallet, per unit and per trip basis," Law said.

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

"I look forward to our day in court and hearing the truth of that matter come out," Law said.

"We've gone from 120 (employees) to where we're currently at with 40," Brian Law told The Telegraph on Thursday. "We'll be at 25 (employees by the end of this month and 20 by the end of January."

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

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And as the company gears up for another round of layoffs, Law continues to hear complaints about the performance of Exel from his former customers.

"All of our employees average over 10 years of service," Law said.

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

According to Law, many of the employees being laid off are longtime employees, and several of the laid off workers had been employed at the warehouse for three decades.

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

Law said his company has been "working closely with the railroad" in hopes of being able to unload wine cars for transfer to either another state or Exel's warehouse in Bow.

Law also continues to prepare for an upcoming trial, where he will challenge the liquor commission's decision to award the warehousing and delivery contracts to Exel, a subsidiary of the larger shipping company DHL.

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

Law also plans to reach out to local manufacturers in hopes of winning over new customers by supplementing truck fleets.

NASHUA Eighty people have lost their jobs at Law Warehouses since May, when the state's Liquor Commission awarded a 20 year, $200 million contract to shipping giant Exel Inc., and company executives expect more layoffs to come.

When layoffs are complete in January, Law Warehouses will have terminated 100 employees.

Back in June, lawyers for Law Warehouses estimated that losing the state liquor commission's contract would cost the company 90 percent of its revenue and at least 90 jobs.

NH Inc., is suing the liquor commission on similar grounds

Law encouraged anybody with complaints about Exel to contact the their executive councilor or the state liquor commission. "They can only fix a problem if they're aware of it," Law said.

"I am confident about the lawsuit, Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne and I'm confident the truth will be heard," Law said. "Twice we gave the liquor commission the best proposals that would have saved them millions and millions of dollars."

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

Since the Exel took over shipping last month, complaints have poured in from restaurants, merchants and truckers who have been jostled by the new shipping arrangements and struggling Polo Shirt Suppliers Philippines

At least 80 laid off at Law Warehouses since May

others have been mixed up or intended for another customer, and some products quickly became unavailable.

Law also said he expects his family's company to stick around.

"Our value is that all of these solutions come at a variable cost," Law said, adding that his firm is flexible enough to charge on a per pallet or per trip basis for storage and transportation.

Law Warehouses' pleadings accuse current and former Liquor Commission employees, including Liquor Commission Chairman Joseph Mollica and Commissioner Michael Milligan's, steered the contract to Exel because they had negative personal feelings about Brian Law. They say the commissioners, and some employees, simply don't like him, and thought he had a sense of entitlement and didn't deserve to get the contract.

to get their products in a timely manner. Some orders have been sluggishly slow, Lacoste Shirts For Ladies

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

"We hear a lot of complaints that service isn't what it was when it was here," Law said. "We're also hearing about service issues that shouldn't be happening."

Polo Shirt Printing Melbourne

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