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That means the legislation is likely to stall, analysts said in interviews last week. But there is some possibility of federal aid Lacoste Cap Black

In May, NADA organizes grass roots lobbying campaign aimed at Congress.

"There are a lot of hoops this legislation has to go through," said Rep. Steven LaTourette, R Ohio. "It's better to try to work things out."

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

WASHINGTON It has been an impressive show of power. But probably the best that rejected General Motors and Chrysler dealers can hope to gain from all the congressional maneuvering on their Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk behalf is federal compensation for lost franchises.

To be sure, some individual dealers could recover their stores under new appeals or franchise application processes that might be agreed to by GM and Chrysler, the analysts say.

Chrysler issued a statement before the House vote saying its bankruptcy accelerated a decade long process of dealership reductions.

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

Last week, the sponsor of the House bill made a pitch for a negotiated settlement.

congressmen but weaker ties to their senators because they're very local and small businesses," Kleinbaum said. "And they have virtually no political clout with the administration."

to closed auto dealers, who showed their grass roots clout by pushing the legislation through the House as part of a spending bill.

it as well.

Senate bill awaits action.

Settlement talks quietly begin among GM, Chrysler and Democratic lawmakers. Dealers stay on sidelines.

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

House passes spending bill with dealer provision by 219 208 vote.

But that may not carry over to the Senate, said Rob Kleinbaum, owner of RAK Co. consultants in suburban Detroit.

"Dealers have strong ties to their Lacoste Navy Polo

While open to a possible settlement, GM and Chrysler have been fighting a rear guard battle against the legislation with the support of the Obama administration.

The bill was passed by the House on Thursday, July 16, less than six weeks after it was introduced. The quick action reflects dealers' power, as well as lawmakers' concerns about eliminating jobs during a recession and about a lack of transparency in how cuts were made.

Similar bill attached to spending measure passes House Appropriations Committee.

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

But large scale reversals seem out of the question. GM has said it expects its 6,000 stores to be reduced to between 3,600 and 3,800.

Dealers' clout stems from their presence in nearly every congressional district, their importance as employers and their contributions to community activities such as Little League teams, analysts say.

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

Legislation to reverse thousands of franchise terminations passed the House of Representatives last week. But the bill, aimed at helping dealers jettisoned during the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies, faces tougher going in the Senate. The Obama administration vigorously opposes Women's Polo Shirts Uk

The National Automobile Dealers Association, which is lobbying for the legislation, has stayed out of the talks. NADA wants to take the legislation as far as it will go, which could increase pressure on the car companies. Automakers, meanwhile, are probably waiting to see whether the measure will die in the Senate, analysts say. Bankruptcy Court's termination of GM and Chrysler franchises has spawned a fight in Congress.

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

But settlement talks have bogged down, a GM spokesman said late last week. No specific proposal has gotten traction in the weeks long discussions, whose participants include GM, Chrysler and Democratic lawmakers.

Axed dealers' best bet

The prospect of restoring franchises is much less likely, analysts say.

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

House bill introduced to reverse franchise terminations.

There were about 20,000 dealerships with 1 million employees at the end of 2008, or an average of 50 employees per store, according to NADA data.

Obama administration opposes House bill.

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

Ladies Striped Polo Shirts Uk

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