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Avatar: Special Edition, which includes 9 minutes of new footage, opens in 3 D theaters worldwide today.

Bringing the movie back to the big screen is an experiment inspired by initial fan response to the movie, Cameron said.

He has already Lacoste Women begun technical development on an Avatar sequel that will focus on the planet's ocean environment.

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watch stuff.

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Another scene follows a hunt for one of Pandora's bizarre creatures in a "rousing action adventure, pulse pounding kind of scene," he said.

"You'll still need glasses in the movie theater, but you'll have video, you'll have laptops, all your small devices, the iPads and all that stuff will be without glasses," he said. " We'rebasically revolutionizing how people Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

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He's working Lacoste Hat Womens

SANTA MONICA, Calif. Before he takes moviegoers deep beneath the Pandoran sea, James Cameron hopes they'll go for an extended tour of the fictional planet he introduced in Avatar.

Avatar returns to 3

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The new footage is sprinkled throughout the movie. One bit focuses on the death of one of the planet's native humanoids, the tailed, blue Na'vi. His death is hinted at in the original film, but in the extended version, "We actually see him die," Cameron said.

on upgrading his 3 D underwater camera and is helping build a space age 3 D camera for the new Mars rover, Curiosity.

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Avatar boasts the biggest box office take in history, collecting $2.7 billion worldwide.

"I love diving," he said, "andif I'm making this movie, I'm not going to be diving as much as I'd like, so I'm going to give myself a kind of methadone fix by doing fantasy ocean."

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Fox executives said in a statement that they have been "inundated with requests to rerelease the film in theaters in 3 D" since it completed its original run in March.

"I'm trying to use the technology to keep people interested and enthused about the Avatar universe, because it's going to be a long time before we get another Avatar movie done," the filmmaker said in a recent interview.

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The extended version will appear on a special edition DVD to be released in November. It will also include a more expanded, "alternate reality version" of the film that is 16 minutes longer than the original, Cameron said.

"Not like he splats to the ground, but how they gather around him afterwards," he said. "It's this big emotional scene and it's actually the best CG we did in the whole movie."

Cameron is excited by the promise of 3 D and a future in which every screen is dimensionalized which he thinks is just a few years away.

But first, he had to select and perfect new Avatar footage and persuadedistributor 20th Century Fox to rerelease the film theatrically in 3 D.

He's also got a submarine to build, cameras for the Mars rover to design, an underwater 3 D camera to upgrade and maybe even an ocean related feature to make.

"We're rewriting the contract between humans and screens. Associated Press text, photo, graphic, audio and/or video material shall Polo Clothes Uk

Cameron, 56, already has plans for the Avatar sequels.

Cameron said there are "hundreds of thousands, if not millions" of people who wanted to see the movie in 3 D but didn't get the chance because Avatar was edged out of 3 D theaters by other scheduled 3 D releases. Sincethen, the number of available 3 D screens has doubled internationally, he said.

"It was the most pirated film in history at the same time it was the most attended film in movie theaters," he said, adding that some who saw the movie on DVD or on their computer screens may want to enjoy it in all its big screen, 3 D glory.

Lacoste Women

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