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"Brownsville" depicted his hometown with engaging realism. The book of short fictional stories told of the town's inhabitants, young and old, and touched on themes of love, loyalty, and change.

Fred Perry Shirt

"I sat down to see if I could write what I was telling someone in a bar the night before, and I finished the story," Casares said. "It was kind of fun, so I did it again. Soon I had five, six, seven stories."

author returns to Brownsville

and forth between identities and the terms are pretty loosely associated with people. My experience was that we weren't tied to a single identity."

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Fred Perry Shirt

"Mexican road trip" and "old age" are two terms not usually found in the same sentence. But Casares brings these two ideas together in a way that helps us to better understand the meaning of each one. Frailty, adventure, memory, fact, fiction, passion, and change all emerge from the convergence of these concepts, without straying from the bittersweet realism of everyday life.

At the time, Casares was working in Austin. The advertising job, he said, helped him learn to Fred Perry Shirt tell an engaging story in a short space.

His first novel, "Amigoland," brings back that same evenhanded realism with characters that South Texans are sure to recognize.

his own age riding north on horseback with a group of Native Americans excited Casares and helped make him the storyteller he became.

Fred Perry Shirt

The story emerged out of a family legend Casares himself was told as a child, by his uncle, a story his father disputed. According to the Lacoste Cap Black

legend, Casares' great great grandfather had been kidnapped by a group of Native Americans and brought just north of the Mexican border in 1850.

"One of the things that I always loved about the story itself was that we're talking about a territory that had been first Mexico north of the river, then had been Texas, and then was disputed and then had only recently become the United States," Casares said.

Fred Perry Shirt

Fred Perry Shirt

"My father would say that's a pack of lies; my uncle would tell me that it was true," Casares said. "I never knew who to believe, but I was always fascinated."

This time, however, Casares has hundreds of pages to spend with his characters. This presented both an opportunity and a challenge: Casares wanted to take the reader on a journey but also wanted to hold the reader's attention throughout the book, a skill any advertiser knows is essential.

"Amigoland" tells the story of two brothers, Don Fidencio and Don Celestino, who live in a Mexican border town. The brothers have grown old and one lives in a nursing home. In their stubbornness, the two brothers have held onto a dispute throughout their lives. They travel to Mexico with Don Celestino's housekeeper and try to resolve their argument by finding out who, in fact, is right.

Fred Perry Shirt

Fred Perry Shirt

Fred Perry Shirt

Fred Perry Shirt

Fred Perry Shirt

"Less than two years had passed when this child crossed into the United States and he crossed in with Native Americans to boot. There was a lot packed into this story the idea of identity is so fluid on the border where people go back Lacoste Live Polo

Fred Perry Shirt

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