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Fred Perry Golf Shirt

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

"He had a very strong sense of justice and fairness among his friends."

Those messages had an impact on Jeremy, the youngest of her three sons, she said.

"In no uncertain terms, I was quite clear we did not like Richard Nixon," Zilber recalled.

Perhaps it's no surprise that Zilber's own "Mommy," Moss Beach resident Judy Zilber, is a Democrat, too. Zilber said the messages he received about society as a child, albeit subtle, played an "important part" in shaping his own views later on.

interested in the Democratic Party. I want them to support the party because these Lacoste Jacket Red

Zilber, 41, has been accused of attempting to indoctrinate innocent children and reinforcing the nation's partisan divide. But the Wisconsin resident, who signed books at Sunday's Democratic presidential straw poll at the San Mateo Fred Perry Golf Shirt County Event Center, said his goal is just to help encourage political awareness at a younger age. "My main interest is not dividing kids, but getting them Fred Perry Polo Shirt Dress

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"Especially with the war, people are feeling that the stakes are higher and higher. I think that has moved a lot of parents to feel they want to do something," Zilber said. "They feel it's important for them to talk to their kids about why this matters and the fact that there is a better choice."

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

"He spent about 10 minutes on the book and my Web site went crazy. I got hundreds of nasty messages that day and it did wonders for me," Zilber said, laughing. "People started paying attention to it."

at least, he hopes the attention will last. A sequel to the original, entitled "Why Daddy is Democrat," comes out next month.

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

Zilber's self published book depicts a family of squirrels at work and at play. "Democrats make sure we all share our toys, just like Mommy does," reads one page. "Democrats make sure children can go to school, just like Mommy does," reads another.

Author stands up for Democratic values

are noble goals. I don't want them to hate the Republican Party," Zilber said.

Judy Zilber, a member of the Coastside Democrats, helped orchestrate her son's appearance at the straw poll on Sunday. Although she canvassed neighborhoods for Bill Clinton's campaign in 1993, she says she's no political activist. If her children came to support the Democratic Party, it's because of the values they learned at home: "Honesty, trust in yourself and your judgment, respecting people's right to live in the way they see fit according to the Constitution," as she described them.

Zilber's book has sold more than 24,000 copies since the book came out in September 2005. He thinks the messages it imparts have become increasingly popular as President Bush's approval ratings have declined.

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

He never imagined that his book would also become a lightning rod for criticism by conservative pundits, or that the book's success would lead to an appearance on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

Some messages were less subtle. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Zilber remembers a fundraiser his mother held in 1972 for George McGovern in the family's living room.

To prove the adage that there's no such thing as bad publicity, book sales also soared when conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh skewered Zilber's book on the air last September.

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

Fred Perry Golf Shirt

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